Wiccan Cat Names: Cat Names to Bewitch You!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Wicca, it is a religion that comes under the umbrella term of Paganism. There is very little consensus on what constitute Wiccan beliefs and practices and you will find that ‘traditional’ witches and ‘eclectic’ and ‘solitary’ witches all describe themselves as following the Wiccan path. However, most Wiccans agree that followers can expect direct personal experience of the divine and both female and male divinities. Belief and experience of the efficacy of Magic rituals and reverence towards nature in all ‘her’ forms also plays a central role within the Wiccan community.

The gods and goddesses and magic words that are now associated with Wicca have been evolving through history. This is nothing new - great civilizations adapted their gods and goddesses to suit their own circumstances, their history, and the needs of their followers, rulers and often invaders. So you want an authentic and real Wiccan cat name? Just how far back do you want to go?

mysterious woodland
Wiccan cat names are not for everyone, but if you are looking for a mystical or more unusual cat name these should invoke some special cat name magic.

These cat names can be used as they are or by mixing and matching. This won’t make the names any less ‘real’ or meaningful – this is exactly the way modern Wiccans who choose to take a new name might design their own.

So whether you want a pagan cat name because it’s cool or because you have an affinity with the old earth mysteries and nature, I hope these suggestions will encourage you to create a great name with just a hint of mystery and ‘otherness’.

Designing your Perfect Wiccan Cat Name

I have divided the Wiccan cat names into traditionally magical animals, plants, trees, words with a mystical association, natural objects and stones. You can associate each of these words with another, or allow the words to wash over you and jog your imagination and creativity, bringing the perfect Wiccan cat name to the surface.

Perhaps the word describes something you’ve noticed about your cat, or perhaps your cat was born or became ‘yours’ on a old pagan festival day?

Some of the words bring to mind colours - Sapphire for a Siamese would be great.

You might just like the sound or memory behind your chosen word. Remember that the cat will respond better to a single or simple-sounding word, so leave the complicated ones for a breed suffix or cattery name. Or, use a nickname when you want your cat to hopefully come to you.

Don’t forget – to a certain extent you’ll be judged by your choice of name, so make sure you’re not embarrassed to use it, for example at the vets or when calling your cat in from the garden or yard! “Little Witch please come in now” she whispered frantically but little Witch was deafer than usual this warm, very still mousing night.

The following list of Wiccan or pagan cat names is far from comprehensive. I hope it will serve as a memory jogger to help your creativity and stimulate your imagination. Try to put the words together in unique combinations until you have the perfect Wiccan cat name to suit your mysterious feline. These words all have pagan links, but they are also ordinary words. They only become ‘magic’ within the context of a ceremony, or within the imagination of the person walking the Wiccan path. Wiccans believe and expect that words affect other planes of existence or vibration so try and choose something that describes your cat or something that your cat can aspire to rather than something with bad or dark connotations that will not support your growing Siamese kitten. Still want the responsibility of a magical cat name?

TIP: Print off the names and cut them up. Turn them over and pick up two or three until you get a great name or trigger a train of thought that leads you to your kitten’s name

Magical Animal-based Wiccan Cat Names

wolf wiccan cat names
The Wiccan meanings shown in italics have been kindly provided by erin dragonsong. Thank you erin for your advice and suggestions in crafting this Wiccan cat names chapter. If this subject has piqued your interest check out erin's fascinating site www.wicca-spirituality.com for much more about Wicca and some more ideas for Wiccan names and their mystical context.

Ant: Remember Adam? (Adam Ant popular 80’s pop star.) See how versatile these names can be.

Badger: A cat in charge of its person or a black and white cat?

Bat: Cat with large ears? Or a creature of the night rather than fireside. Shamanic symbol of the ability to traverse the underworld as well as the earth plane.

Bear: Big, BIG, fluffy cat? Totem/Alter Ego of Artemis, the virgin Huntress.

Butterfly: Hunter of? Or the bimbo type? Transformation, evolution.

Cat! Subtle, cool cat name or lazy cat name? It’s for you to decide.

Cougar: Scary streetwise black cat with attitude and claws! Or aspirational!

Coyote: Howling cat? Trickster God, powerful magick.

Crow: very sacred.

Deer: Scared cat?

Dog! A street-weathered character? Servant of ancient goddesses and generations of Witches – but then so are cats, so maybe we should honour them with their own name.

Dragon: Tame cat? Breathing fire? Original Goddess archetype, but powerful and not all friendly.

Eagle: Soars when it jumps. Essence of spirit.

Falcon: Hurtling off the wardrobe cat?

Fox: Ginger/red cat? Or fluffy tail. Wise, perceptive.

Frog: Just not turned into the prince yet? Jumpy kitten? Healer, ability to function in elements of Water and Earth.

Hawk: Never misses a trick. Finding the messages and gifts from the divine.

Kingfisher: Blue-eyed cat name?

Leopard: Bengal cat name? Or extra stubborn- no changing my spots?

Lion: Red/ginger coat or a huge mane? Durga’s mount and throne, associated with the Sun and Wisdom.

Loon: The bird with the eerie call or loony character? Spirit essence.

Lynx: Tufty ears?

Magpie: Black and white cat name or bit of a collector? Trickster, smart and tough and troublesome.

Monkey: Naughty cat.

Moth: Brave hunter cat. Drawn to the Light.

Mouse! Ho, Ho, Ho!

Owl: Wise cat? Big eyes? Aspect of Sophia, Goddess of wisdom: able to penetrate the Mysteries.

Panda: Special eye markings (Siamese) or black and white cat?

Panther: Black cat with an attitude. Independent, self-assured, authoritative: a leader.

Peacock: Not that I am implying anything here! Emblem of Krishna, symbol of all-seeing eye of the Divine.

Penguin: Black and white cat name or just cute?

Platypus: Ho, Ho, Ho again! A cat that looks like a mix of other animals?

Puffin: Cute cat name.

Raccoon: Lovely tail! Incredibly intelligent, knows how to get what it wants.

Raven: Black cat. Very sacred in many traditions.

Robin: Closet Wiccan name?

Salamander: Sounds lovely but a, Fire creature.

Salmon: eating of? Colour of? Fisher cat? A great gift of the Creator.

Seal: Play on words? Magic seal, seal point Siamese cat name?

Sloth: I am very busy and sporty in my dreams, really!

Snake: A cat always tripping you up. Goddess symbol, divine Feminine, ultimate Wisdom, knowledge of Life, transformation and regeneration.

Spider: Hunter of? Weaver of the Web of life, Goddess symbol.

Squirrel: Cat who hides toys? Or a grey or red cat? Preparation for the future.

Swan: White cat name or black cat name. Messenger to and from the Divine, Divine Grace, spiritual evolution.

Tiger: A name to live up to. Servant of the Goddess.

Unicorn: Magical cat. Disappearing cat. Ethereal cat. Masculine symbol, servant and beloved of Goddess.

Vulture! Unique cat name not surprisingly! Clearing away what’s dead and smelly.

Walrus: Handsome whiskers.

Weasel: Expert at getting under your bed covers. Spy, perceives energies.

Wolf: Not immediately a great cat name but prove me wrong. Very sacred.

Wren: Small cat? Female sailor cat for our UK readers.

Zebra: So stripy? Black and white cat name?

Magical Plant-based Wiccan Cat Names

Angelica...... Balm............ Bergamot........ Blackberry.......
Bluebell Broom Camomile Catnip
Cinnamon Copal Daffodil Eyebright
Fennel Flax Frankincense Forsythia
Foxglove Gentian Geranium Ginger
Gorse Hemlock Hemp Henbane
Herb Ivy Juniper Lavander
Lily Lovage Mandrake Marigold
Mint Mistletoe Mugwort Mustard
Myrrh Narcissi Nettle Nutmeg
Oregano Patchouli Pepper Poppy
Rocket Rose Rosemary Saffron
Sage Snowdrop Tansy Thistle
Valerian Vervain Wolfsbane Yarrow

Magical Tree-based Wiccan Cat Names

Apple.......... Ash............. Birch.............. Blackthorn.......
Cedar Elder Elm Fig
Fir Hawthorn Hazel Oak
Rowan Willow Yew ..

Magical Word-based Wiccan Cat Names

Altar........... Amulet......... Angel............. Aquarius..........
Arcane Aries Athame Aura
Balefire Benzoin Black Bodhran
Broom Candle Capricorn Cauldron
Cave Chalice Chanting Charcoal
Circle Copper Cord Cowrie
Craft Crone Deosil Divine
Dream Drumbeat East Eastern
Elements Energy Esbat Feast
Festival Gemini Gold Green
Halloween Harvest Heart Image
Invocation Lady Leo Libre
Magick Maiden Mirror Moon
Night North Northern Oracle
Pentacle Pisces Power Psyche
Pumpkin Quarter Ravenwolf Red
Ritual Sabbat Sagittarius Salem
Salt Scarab Scorpio Scry
Seal Season Shell Silver
Skyclad Sphinx Smoke Solstice
Song South Southern Spell
Spiral Soul Spirit Spooky
Star Stone Storm Tarot
Taurus Tomb Triquatra Virgo
Wand West Western White
Widdershins Wild Witch Yule
Zen Zodiac .. ..

Magical Natural World-based Wiccan Cat Names


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