Siamese Cat Names

Finding Siamese cat names can be fun, especially because there are so many to choose from.

So the big day has arrived. You have brought your kitten home.

Said Siamese kitten is hurling itself around your precious keepsakes, climbing over everything in sight and generally behaving like an unruly kid.

Or your Siamese kitten is - naturally enough - hiding under the bed and taking time to get brave enough to attack the toy you bought at great expense.

cute siamese kitten

After realizing that crawling around on your hands and knees is not as much fun as it was when you were 6, it dawns on you: your scared or hyper kitten needs a special name!

This requires some thinking. Don't fall into the trap of choosing Siamese kitten names on a whim! That scared or hyper kitten will grow up - even though with Siamese this may take a little longer.

The moral of the story? When choosing Siamese kitten names, try and pick a name that your kitten can grow into, rather than out of!

Siamese cats have such a special 'look' that their colours almost dictate what they should be called.

If we stay with blue, the deep blue of the Siamese eyes, we can choose blue flower Siamese cat names, blue crystal Siamese Cat Names, blue pigment Siamese Cat Names, or even just plain blue Siamese cat names

If we'd rather emphasize their dazzlingly pale fur, we could choose from white flower siamese cat names or white crystal Siamese cat names.

If our heart strings get tugged by the sight of their adorable brown ears and cheeky brown faces, we could choose brown crystal Siamese cat names

And if we don't want colour to guide our choices, there's still nothing to stand between us and any number of perfect Siamese cat names

What about a green name, or at least choosing from my fun list herbs as siamese cat names Here are some wonderful and romantic names from the herbal and medicinal plant world? Quite a long list but some great Siamese cat name ideas and a great place to start if you are looking for Himalayan cat names (They look like big long haired Siamese)

You may, for a reason of your own, not want a specific Siamese cat name. In that case, there are plenty of other fabulous and creative cat names that would fit the bill equally well. The cat names list is very large but they are helpfully divided up into smaller lists like female cat names, cute cat names and witchy names.

siamese kitten Remember, names for Siamese cats are special and whatever you choose, it's an important decision. Your beautiful pet will have to live up to its special name for the rest of his or her life.

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