Siamese Cat Information: the FAQs

Siamese cat information is spread all throughout so I decided to bring some of the Siamese cat facts together: everything you want to know about Siamese cats, all in one place! And if you want even more in-depth Siamese cat information, just click on any of the many links below.

(P.S. Cumin whispered in my ear that I shouldn't tell you everything because he dines out on his Siamese mystique.)

Aggression and Jealousy, A Siamese Problem?

Aggression and Jealousy, A Siamese Problem?

Are Siamese aggressive? This Siamese cat information query is often asked.Any cat can be aggressive. I have a grey female house cat whom I rescued when she was quite small. Through fear she frequently lashes out. I describe her as a hissing first and asking questions afterwards kind of cat! As for Siamese cats and their relatives in my experience some can be dominant. These Siamese enjoy bullying and because the Siamese is tenacious, clever and single-minded it can make life miserable for those cats on the receiving end. As long as a cat answers back the Siamese usually backs off. If the Siamese finds a weakness and they never give up looking..... then he or she seems to enjoy throwing their weight around.

The breeder told me that some Siamese can be very jealous. What do you think? Yes, I agree, because Siamese are very aware of everything around them and of the people they own. So If you pay attention to another of your cats your Siamese takes it personally. It might ignore you, be insistent for a cuddle or act extra clumsy and knock something off a shelf. He has noticed!

About Siamese Cats: Where and how to buy

Where is the best place to buy my new Siamese kitten?
You should always buy from professional Siamese cat breeders who love their cats and put their cats' needs first.

Are there any bad places to buy my kitten from?
Yes. Siamese kitten care requires a broad brush of skills, knowledge and money. Many kitten sellers have little care or understanding of what they're selling, especially if they run backyard kitten farms. Buying from them could have expensive consequences and encourages disreputable sales outlets to breed more sad, unhealthy kittens. There are many things you can do to avoid Siamese kitten buying traps.

How do I choose the best kitten?
Try and plan and don't rush your choice. If you want to get the Siamese of your dreams, you'd better do your homework first. Here's how to choose a Siamese.

What if I want an older Siamese rather than a kitten?
Your best bet are the Siamese cat rescue organizations. As an additional perk you will enjoy a special bond with a rescue cat. Warning: this isn't necessarily a cheap option. Be prepared to work hard dealing with your cat's emotional baggage. You'll get plenty of loving - but it's hard work too and not for the first-time cat owner.

I have never been to a cat show. Is it worth it and can I buy kittens there?
Yes and yes. But don't think they are like kitten shops. Shows are more like introduction agencies.

More Siamese Cat Information: The Traditional Siamese cat

I am really confused about names like Applehead Siamese, Classic Siamese cats, Old Style, Traditional and the Modern and Wedgies. Do I need to know about these?
Yes, because it's a controversial issue. Before you buy, turbo charge your homework at the Traditional Siamese cats page.

Is the Traditional healthier and more laid back?
There is quite a lot of anecdotal evidence that they are indeed more relaxed and in shape, but this is one of the most wildly raging controversies in the Siamese cat world. You'll find more at Traditional Siamese cat health.

A friend told me there are long-haired Siamese. Is this true?
Yes, absolutely. They've been around in Siamese litters for generations, since the beginning in fact: look for the Balinese cat and the Javanese cat (rather than the long-haired Siamese).

Do they act like Siamese?
Yes they do - because they are Siamese.

Do you think Siamese cats will be bred to look different again?
Crystal ball time, the mist is lifting... I see the future of Siamese cats becoming clearer.....

Interesting Siamese Cat Information: Types of Siamese

I'm really confused. How many colors does the Siamese come in?
You and me both, and new colors seem to appear every month. There are so many types of Siamese that they're getting hard to keep up with.

I saw a cat that looked like a Siamese but they said it was a Colorpoint Shorthair. Are they right?
Yes. And No. Although some would disagree. For example, one large breed club uses the name Colorpoint Shorthairs for all Siamese that aren't colored seal, blue chocolate and lilac. Now make yourself a hot drink, take a deep breath and get up to speed with the types of Siamese. These Siamese cats facts will really help when its time for you to kitten shop.

At a cat show I saw cats that were all-black and others that were all-white. They had the shape of a Siamese, and they certainly howled like Siamese. But the catalogue said they were Oriental Shorthairs. Can you explain?
Sorry - but this is no simple Siamese cat information question so you'll have to go look at the long answer on my types of Siamese page.

Cat Information: Siamese-related cat breeds

I like the Siamese colors but really prefer fluffy cats. I know the Balinese and Javanese are Siamese longhairs, but are there any other possibilities?
Oh yes, plenty, as long as you go for a part-Siamese cat. There are some gorgeous 'chocolate box cats' that'll make you swoon.

A breeder told me that many pedigree cat breeds have part-Siamese genes. What breeds are these?
For starters the Snowshoe cat, the Burmese cats, the Korat cat, the Ocicat and the Birman cats. You will find even more choices like the Neva Masquerade on the part-Siamese page.

More Siamese Cat Information: Where did they come from and when?

When did the first Siamese cats appear?
I don't have a definitive answer but they were certainly around in England in 1884, and long before that in their possible country of origin, Thailand. Are you a history buff? If so, you'll want to read all about the first Siamese cat imports.

Is it true that Siamese cats have been bred with wild cats?
One newish breed, the Serengeti, is reported to be partly related to Siamese-type cats crossed with Bengals (produced from wild Asian Leopard stock). For a walk on the wild side, have a look at wild cat hybrids.

When did people first keep cats as pets?
Certainly as far back as Ancient Egypt. You'll be fascinated by domestic cat history and how cats became such beloved pets the world over.

Cat Boarding: What options do I have when going on vacation and holiday?

Could friends or neighbors look after my cat?
Yes, and the cat gets to stay where it is most comfortable, but there are dangers. If cat boarding at home is what you have in mind, get vital information you need to ensure it stays safe while you're off at the beach.

What do cat sitters actually do?
There's much more to cat sitters than simply sitting around gazing adoringly at your Siamese cat. They have work to do, after all!

I have seen cat hotels and boarding cattery ads. How do I choose a good one? Are they all the same?
NO, please take care. You'll find more need-to-know info for US readers here. For the UK my boarding cattery pages will help you keep your pet happy and safe.

Can I take my Siamese on holiday with me?
You should first ask yourself, would your cat actually like to be away from home? If yes, then a pet friendly destination might be Purrfect for you both!

Help Name My Siamese: Not as easy as I thought!

Do you have any helpful Siamese cat naming tips?
Ohhh, I do have some fab Siamese cat names for you! The kind of names your Siamese will adore...

I have a new Siamese kitten and a house cat to name. Do you have any names for cats that are not Siamese?
Yes - so many cat names, so little time. Your house cat will soon have a special name just as good as your Siamese.

More About Siamese Cats: The famous ones!

I am trying to find out about Siamese cats of the stars. Do you have a list?
(Apart from you of course, Cumin!) Yes, you'll find plenty of famous cat names to boast about, from cats who owned presidents to Siamese who directed A-list actors.

I would like to read some books with Siamese characters and give some away to other cat-loving friends. Do you have any you can suggest?
Some great classic suggestions and favorites of mine are Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats and the children's book Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat. For detective fans The Cat Who books are intriguing. And for a magical Siamese the Tai Lu stories are worth searching out. For a special present idea why not investigate a first edition copy for your friend?

I know some films have Siamese in them. Do you have a list?
No list but the film the Bell Book and Candle and its star Pyewacket the Siamese is a good film. And you'll also enjoy the musical Cats - if you like musicals, that is. It's chock full of cats and some lowlife Siamese cat characters too.

I have read all your Siamese cat information but do you have Siamese cats of your own? And do you have pictures?

Yes I do! You'll see photos and find out more at about Siamese cats. The star of the page is Cumin, of course, but you'll meet the second in command, Anne (that's me, The Siamese Cat Lady).

What about your website?

I know this question has nothing to do with Siamese cat information but how could I build my own website?
That's not actually so difficult. I'm still learning myself through SBI, a course that shows anyone (especially beginners like me) how to build a good website. I can't recommend them highly enough - without them I could never have fulfilled my dream of doing this site.

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