Siamese Cat Behavior: The Turbo Breed

One shouldn't generalize but Siamese cat behavior can usually be summed as "a little more......!" You fill in the gap, from naughtiness to cuddliness.

Siamese cats are never wishy-washy. They have strong characters and you'll have to find ways to moderate the less than perfect aspects. Confrontation is unlikely to work so you'll have to have to be a psychological sleuth to win because you'll have to second-guess your Siamese.

Are you the right person for a Siamese? Nothing can match a Siamese cat personality so you're the one who will have to adapt. Don't for a moment think your cat will do as you please - it'll probably be the other way around. That's why this breed does not suit everyone. Are you Mr or Ms Right for that cute Siamese?

One Siamese cat or more? Are you willing to risk more than one? If the Siamese cat temperament is one you can live with peacefully, be aware that Siamese cats prefer to hang out with one of their own. They curl up together at night and play together during the day. One may already seem like a handful, but a cute pair of twins might be irresistible. Of course there are consequences, including double the vet bills or even less of the bed...

There's much insider info to be discovered about the Siamese cat behavior. How about the differences between the sexes? Politically correct or not are there any differences between the male or female Siamese

Kitten or adult cat? One size does not fit all - It might not be possible to look after a kitten, lets look at our choices. Perhaps an older kitten or adult Siamese cat Some of our most special cats have come to us well past kitten hood.

Are all Siamese alike, regardless of breed? Actually, no, they're not. Some Siamese breeds are known to be fussier, others more stubborn. Not all colors and fur lengths lead to the same temperament.

So if you think all Siamese are alike, think again

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