Part Siamese Breeds

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Part Siamese?

Why would you want anything other than a Siamese cat?

First I have to admit that I have a love of most cats and they do say variety is the spice of life. So let me introduce some beautiful breeds that have, in varying degrees, the spirit of our Siamese - but with other looks.

Before we get into the related to Siamese breeds I need to mention the long haired Siamese. The long haired Siamese cat is called either the Balinese or sometimes Javanese. Because these are full Siamese I have put them into the 'Types of Siamese' section. So if you are looking for the nature of the Siamese but are attracted to the graceful long fur don't miss out on the gorgeous Balinese!

I have divided the 'related to' Siamese breeds into three sections: short-haired, medium-haired and long-haired. Keep in mind that most of these breeds are available in all the colors that Siamese Cats come in. You should have no problem finding your favorite color combinations here.

Short-haired Part Siamese Breeds

  • Lets start with the Tonkinese cat. You would be forgiven for confusing this breed with a Siamese but it's chunkier, usually looks darker in color, and quite unlike the Siamese has green eyes. They have other secrets apart from the eyes.
  • The Snowshoe cat, the Siamese with white feet and a little white on the face, have an extra novelty value: the kittens all look different in a litter!
  • Burmese cats: these beautiful cats are characters in their own right. These are not likely to be confused with the Siamese cat.
  • Havanna brown cat... There's a clue in the name. Check out these lovely brown cats.
  • The Korat cat is very beautiful and has a reputation as a 'good luck' cat.
  • The Ocicat - spot the cat? A spotted cat related to a Siamese? Yes! Although the breeder was hoping for a new type of pointed Siamese, the result was equally unique - enjoy.
  • The Devon Si-Rex, a Siamese look-alike like no other. A Siamese with a bad hair day or a coiffed new type of cat?

Medium-haired Part Siamese Breeds

  • The Birman cats, as pretty as a picture, with a coat to die for and little white feet worthy of an ancient Thai fable.
  • The Russian Neva Masquerade, the tough Siberia-proof cat with a special coat.

Long-Haired Part Siamese Breeds

Finally, the really furry ones - but unlike some, these should require much less grooming. Get all the glamor without the fuss.

  • The Ragdoll cat, the lovely cat with a mixed past. These cats are large and quite imposing and are hard to misplace.
  • The Himalayan cat. You will either love this cat or it probably won't be for you. This is the sort of cat whose photo could grace the largest box of chocolates.

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