How long does Siamese cat pregnancy last?

by lisa jordan

Do you know how long a siamese is pregnant? Is it true that it can be 71 days? and why.

My Answer

From my research a cat's pregnancy (gestation) can last anywhere between 63-70 days, with most kittens being born around the 65 day mark.

It appears that some Siamese might err towards the lengthier duration though. Kittens born before 60 and later than 70 days generally do not survive although there are exceptions. A few have been born as early as the 59th day and as late as the 71st day and survived.

Unless you are a breeder and the mating is a controlled one it is hard to be sure exactly when your female became pregnant. In the wild females mate many times over several days and often with more than one male cat, so it's hard to decide when to start counting the days!

Sorry Lisa, as for why Siamese tend to have a longer pregnancy I really don't know. Siamese have quite a few differences from other cats like their build, colouring and blue eyes. Perhaps a longer pregnancy for some Siamese is all part of their special mystique!

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Its been 70 days
by: Anonymous

Its been 70 days and she has not had any kittins is it time to take her to the vets or will she have them even if there not alive
If she was my cat I would be taking her to the vet. Possible complications could be life threatening. Good luck and I hope that everything works out

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