Healthy cat weight?

Is it ok for a male siamese cat 3 yrs old to weigh 17 pounds (that's 7.7 kilos, for Europeans)?

My Answer:

So - what is the best weight for a Siamese cat?

Like we do, Siamese cats - and all cats come in a small range of sizes. Firstly the female cats are usually a little smaller and therefore should weigh a little less on average. Obviously a female Maine Coon or Siberian might weigh more than a male Siamese but a bit less than a male Maine Coon or male Siberian. And don't forget, the un-castrated or unfixed cats will weigh a little more.

Siamese cats look very slight but are actually surprisingly muscular and can weigh a bit more than they seem to.

Now, back to your question. I think that 17 lbs is more than a male Siamese should weigh. An easy way to check is to look down on your cat from the top and check whether he has a waist. The waist should be a pinching in around the front part of the back legs.

Can you feel his ribs or are they covered in flabby skin? Even the Classic or Traditional Siamese should not weigh this much, while the Modern style would definitely be carrying too much weight.

Your vet should be able to give you a good idea of a healthy cat weight for your cat but be careful if they suggest a kibble product to help them lose weight. This is a contentious issue so you should do a bit of research before opting for a dried food solution.

Some cat nutrition specialists think the dried food causes the problem in the first place. I have found that my cats do better if I wean them off dry food and get them onto good quality wet food or a homemade diet of raw meat and raw bones. This will take more effort on your part but will allow your Siamese cat to get back to a healthy weight and actually eat a more health-supporting natural diet. You can find out plenty more about how to do this on my homemade cat food page.

Hope this helps and you are right to worry about the weight of your cat. Cat obesity, like human obesity, is a problem on the rise. Since your cat is only 3 years old now, it is a great time to start dealing with his nutrition, before health issues have had time to become more serious.

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