The Devon Si-Rex: Bad hair day?

The Devon Si-Rex isn't the easiest Siamese to categorize...

So lets take a few steps back. Two cats, the Cornish Rex and the Devon Rex - look quite similar, although genetically they are quite different. Their similarity can be quite confusing.

The Rexes come in all coat colours, as well as Siamese points - hence the names Devon Si-Rex and Cornish Si-Rex.

These Siamese points come in most colours but with their tightly curled fur and whiskers, they produce quite a different looking cat. This is one breed you won't get confused with others once you get past whether it's a Devon Rex or a Cornish Rex.

What is the difference between the two?

Both the Devon Si-Rex and the Cornish Si-Rex have soft, curly close-cropped coats. Their build, on the other hand, is a bit different. The Devon is built more like a common domestic cat, while the Cornish has a lithe Siamese body type.

Just because they're short-hairs, though, don't be fooled - if you suffer from cat allergies, these cats won't make a difference. Not even the hairless Sphynx can save your from allergies - they apparently come from a protein released into the air from the cats saliva, rather than cat fur itself...

What are they like?

These cats are not that common, actually, and I have read that they might not be the most long-lived of cats, depending on their breeding lines.

But their character is charming. They love to be with you and follow you around - they might even lounge on your shoulder. They're agile and playful and basically really fun. Due to their short fur they seem more warm to the touch. The Si-Rex would probably prefer the company of other cats if you're going to be away from them for a long time.

They're certainly different, so expect to answer lots of questions about them.

Oh yes, take care, because they will get sunburnt. Nor can they cope with wet or cold weather because of their lack of coat. In practice, these cats are best kept indoors, or have access to protected outside runs.

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