Costs? How much are Siamese Kittens

How much is a purebred flame tip siamese cost in the US?

My Answer:

Red Point Siamese, Cream Point Siamese and Apricot Point Siamese are all words used to describe shades of 'red' on the 'points' of the Siamese coats.
Since you are looking for a Red Point Siamese in the US. you need to search for the words Color Point Shorthairs or Colorpoint Short Hairs. This is because in the US the big breed clubs only recognize 4 colors of Siamese, Seal, Chocolate, Blue and Lilac.

As for cost, a genuine professional caring breeder has to cover the costs of looking after the parent cats, regular vaccinations, outside runs and other routine vet bills. In addition keeping Siamese kittens till they are at least 3 months and often 4 months old costs money! Quality food, pedigree papers, vet vaccinations and health checks, and often sterilizing (fixing)

If you do the maths I would expect that kittens would cost at least 400 dollars and often up to 750-850 dollars. For more about the dangers of taking on cheap Siamese please check out how to choose a Siamese I for one would not like to encourage the unprofessional backyard breeders by buying cheap kittens.

The only exception to these prices are where breeders re-home older cats and the occasional Siamese cat rescue Looking after any cats well costs money and the initial cost of the kitten is only the start! It is important to check that you can give not only a great home for your new kitten but you have enough money to cover unexpected costs.

Good luck in your search for a special kitten.

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