Are Siamese cats really hypoallergenic?

by Catherine
(Montreal, Canada)

I've heard that even if you're allergic to cats you don't have to worry with the Siamese. Is this true or is this an old wives tale? (Given the huge number of people with allergies to cats, the issue of allergic reactions is becoming increasingly important).

My answer:

Hi Catherine, this is actually quite a complicated subject - some people believe Siamese cats do cause fewer allergies than other cats, but others have found that they are allergic to Siamese. So I'm afraid there's no really satisfactory yes or no answer.

If you do have allergies around cats, you shouldn't just ignore them. They can be triggered at any time so don't turn a blind eye to them. The last thing you want is to get a wonderful Siamese cat and have to give him away if your allergic reactions become serious.

My own Aunt was allergic to cats but she had several Siamese - she always said they were the only cats she could have near. So some can have a life with Siamese cats.

My suggestion, bearing in mind I'm only a cat lover and not a doctor or health practitioner of any kind, is to spend plenty of time with the cats and kittens belonging to the Siamese cat breeder you might be buying from. If after all this playing and cuddling you have no allergic reactions then you might be one of the lucky ones. If your allergies start up, then unfortunately you'll have to stay away from these lovely cats.

One thing that might work is going to an alternative health clinic - you might be able to deal with your allergies through dietary changes. This will involve lifelong lifestyle changes so be sure you can make the commitment for the lifetime of your Siamese.

Good luck and please tell me how you got on. Anne, the Siamese Cat Lady.

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My Dad Not Allergic to Siamese
by: Hannah

My dad is severely allergic to cats, but oddly not Siamese. We have owned a Siamese cat and we currently have a Siamese and are about to take in a stray Siamese cat. All other cats cause my dad to have bad allergies, so I believe that Siamese don't cause allergies as much as another breed of cat.

Siamese cats and allergies?
by: Heather


It's interesting with Siamese cats. My friend is allergic to cats, but not to Siamese. On the other hand, I'm allergic to cats, and I have a *much* worse reaction to Siamese cats than any others.

It really is all just individual body chemistry.

Allergic to some cats
by: Martin Iverson

For what its worth I’ve had Siamese cats all my life, that’s to say I’m now 54. I got my last (rescue) Siamese seven years ago and suddenly developed Asthma, I should say these Siamese were the old “apple” type Siamese and not the modern “wedge face” ones. I had a load of tests and was told I was allergic to cats! Well I kept my cats. My Dr said, “ it’s more stressful to part with cats than to have Asthma so we advise people to keep them.” Sadly one of my cats has now passed on and since his passing I no longer have to take my meds. So I’m only allergic to some cats! The one we have left I’ve not got a problem with. Go figure? Probably not a help but more of a puzzle but would I have been without my Samuel cat, no I wouldn’t. I loved that cat so much.

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